Extra-curricular activities

We believe that every pupil in our care has the right to an excellent education and that this extends well beyond the classroom. Our dedicated staff ensure that every child is encouraged and given the opportunity to succeed.Students have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills for games like basketball, football and volleyball.

Class  sizes

The maximum number of students per class is limited to 30. However Kindergarten classes are even smaller, with an average of 20 children per class.

 Our Values

Respect for God and all of His creation,

We are a safe school that maintains high standards,

Parents and the community are partners in learning,


we strongly believe in “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We strive to ensure all the children engage in fun activities to encourage social bonding and mental growth.


Sports and Games offered


Our clubs and movements include

Girl Guides
Environment/Justice and Peace


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Our Aims and Objectives


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